Luma Brite ™ Technologies, LLC


Luma Brite ™ Technologies, LLC is seeking qualified investors to

help us take this New lighting technology to the world!

The multiple markets for Luma Brite™ technology are clear and the Global trend for energy conservation is driving explosive demand for our products. Any application that benefits from a portable “green” lighting source that is cool to the touch, easy on the eyes, durable and extremely flexible, while experiencing a substantial savings on energy costs provides for us a potential market.

We have been presented with numerous opportunities to apply our products in markets worldwide much faster than we anticipated.   Therefore, we are raising capital to fund the needed expansion. Investment proceeds will be utilized to complete the build-out of our new state of the art R&D/Production facilities, purchase additional R&D/manufacturing equipment and hire additional engineers sooner than anticipated due to overwhelming response to our technology. 

The investment will allow us to capitalize on current opportunities in the most time appropriate way that will promote a healthy, strong expansion and maximize profitability.

Below is listed a series of products that the company plans on developing, producing and/or licensing to manufacturers within their respective markets.  The impact of releasing products for these multiple applications should generate exponential growth and profitability providing a substantial profit to investors and ensuring long term, sustained growth. 

If you are interested in discussing the opportunity available to invest in Luma Brite Technologies, LLC, please call Dave Schumaker, VP, Director of Business Development at 386-682-2191 or email

Applications for Luma Brite™ Technology

“Partial List”

Advertising/Decor,  Billboards,  Mobile Billboards,  Portable Billboards,  Portable Signs,  Shopping Mall Signage,  POP Signage, Wall Murals,   Stadium and Arena Advertising ,  Blimps and Inflatables,  Airborne Banners ,  Vehicle Graphics,  Boat/Cruise Ship Graphics,  Motorcycle Graphics,  Bus and Transportation Wrap Advertising ,  Fleet Wrap Advertising ,  Taxi Ads,  Bus Exterior Banner Ads,  Bus  Benches,  Bus Shelters                

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