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Welcome to Luma Brite Technologies.

You’ve probably never seen anything quite like this. Luma Brite™ Technologies has developed a proprietary patent pending illumination system utilizing “green friendly” technology to deliver maximum visual impact in no light and low light conditions for your brand, product or service.

This opens the door for 24/7 attention getting, maximum exposure for your Business or Brand with the Luma Brite™ Technologies Lighted Vehicle Wraps.

This new, patent-pending technology system can be utilized for your vehicles, signs, billboards, temporary or portable signs and also has many applications in the safety and military industries.

This Luma Brite™ technology can even be set to flash steadily or in an animated sequence, giving you an extra measure of exposure similar to the neon signs of yesterday.

LumaBrite™ is a green energy technology using a very low energy footprint. The Luma Brite™ technology is cool to the touch and coverts over 95% of the energy it uses as light.

Luma Brite™ technology has an incredible “WOW” factor; its head turning, photo snapping, attention getting exposure that few products ever bring.

How many times have you been driving in your wrapped vehicle and had people hanging out the window to take a cell phone picture? Have you ever experienced someone fly by you on the interstate, only to slam on their brakes, come along side you to get a closer look at you?  This kind of “WOW Experience” happens every day with Luma Brite’s test bed vehicle The Mad Wrapper.

When we go into a store, restaurant at night, we leave the lights on in a flashing mode and often come out to find people taking pictures of it, touching it or just admiring it.  When we drive it, the phone starts ringing and people everywhere ask us for a business card. It’s ultimately the best advertising money can buy.

Take a look at The Mad Wrapper and watch the video to see what Luma Brite™ Technology can do for your business.

To see the Luma Brite™ Mad Wrapper in action please watch the movies by clicking here.

If you are interested in using this new patent pending Luma Brite™ technology on your Business Vehicles/ Fleets Trucks or Trailers and would like to speak with us about this unique lighting technology please call us to discuss the potential of this new technology with your business.

David Brainard at The Mad Wrapper / Luma Brite Technologies, LLC at  1-877-MAD-WRAP (877-623-9727)

Can you see me now?    Lighted Vehicle wraps

Luma Brite Technology is durable, has low energy consumption, produces amazing results in no light and low light conditions and is cost effective bringing maximum exposure for your advertising dollars.

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